A complete set for installation of GIZA rainwater system includes a little number of components. Due to the careful design of each element, the installation will be no trouble.

Every small detail ...

Every small detail is well thought out for a fast, efficient and fun installation of our rainwater system.

Important points of installation

  1. Eave overhang shall cover 1/3 or 1/2 of the gutter width.
  2. Gutter slope towards the running outlet shall be 2 cm per each 10 area meters.
  3. Maximum distance between running outlets is – 12 m
  4. Maximum distance between gutter brackets is – 55 cm
    Maximum distance from gutter brackets to a running outlet and a connector and a gutter angle, as well as endcaps is – 10 cm
  5. Maximum distance between downpipe brackets is – 1,5 m
  1. Minimum distance from an endcap to a wall is – 3 cm
  2. It is forbidden to install the rainwater system if the temperature is below 0°С
  3. If there is no fascia board, the brackets are fastened on the brackets extensions:
    1. Horizontal bracket extension is installed on the roof boarding.
    2. Vertical bracket extension is installed at the side on the rafters.